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Legal Pandemic: Non-Performing Loans and the Role of Europe

22.03.2021 | 18:00 s.t.
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Idea and coordination: Dr. Valeria Confortini

In a global economy, where no border can protect from external events, the current pandemic is likely to bring about a "legal pandemic" of mass insolvencies, thus threatening an economic and social collapse.

In this context, the banking system remains the central pillar for the stability of a debt-structured, financialised economy, but – as shown by the financial crisis triggered in 2008 – it is also the possible epicentre of a domino-effect of insolvencies.

The webinar aims at debating some of the following: how did Italy and Germany tackle the emergency in the credit sector, and to what extent may those measures stay in place in the long term? Is the EU-legal framework on NPLs and bank capital requirements capable of preventing the risks of a legal pandemic? What is the role of the EU?

Moderation: Dr. Valeria Confortini
Welcome note: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Huss

Prof. Mauro Orlandi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano), Prof. Dr. Christoph G. Paulus (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Prof. Pietro Sirena (Università Bocconi), Prof. Ignacio Tirado (Secretary General, UNIDROIT) and Prof. Andrea Zoppini (Università Roma Tre)

In English and Italian