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Career prospects

The interdisciplinary approach of the MA program Music, Sound, Performance offers students a vital edge in rapidly changing professions. In an increasingly digital and global world, employers in the cultural and artistic areas value the intellectual dexterity that is necessary to adapt to the challenges that digitization and globalization bring to the fore.

This MA program qualifies students for jobs specializing in music, sound and musical performance in opera houses, festivals, concert halls, theaters, museums and other cultural institutions. Students who graduate from this program will also be qualified to pursue professions in the areas of cultural communication and management, journalism and cultural management, production and communication, radio, television, the Internet, the music industry, archives and publishing houses (e.g. as curators, music mediators, dramaturges, cultural managers, editors, critics) as well as for academic or artistic-scientific doctoral studies.

Cooperation with partners from the music field throughout the program will help you to establish contacts for internships and future job possibilities throughout your studies.