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Institute for Theater Studies

The Institute for Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin houses numerous disciplines of performative and audiovisual humanities research and teaching.

The Institute houses the seminars for Theater and Dance Studies, Film Studies, Musicology, and Cultural and Media Management, which engage in close interdisciplinary exchange.

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Staff Members of the Institute for Theater Studies

Staff Members of the Institute for Theater Studies

The Structure of the Institute

The Institute for Theater Studies is one of seven institutes in the Department of Philosophy and Humanities at Freie Universität Berlin.

In addition to the cross-institute directorate (management and institute council), each seminar has its own administrative structure (secretariats for Theater Studies, Critical Dance Studies, Film Studies, Music Studies, and Cultural and Media Management), which ensures the organization of teaching and research.

Cross-institutional facilities include the department's own library, which is affiliated with the library network of Freie Universität, the in-house media archive, the theater history collections, and the institute café run by the student council (fsi performativer wissenschaften), which is a popular meeting place for students and staff from all disciplines.