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Choosing Your Field of Study and Getting Oriented

To make it easier for you to choose your field of study, Freie Universität Berlin has developed a self-test program for B.A. programs – the Online Study-Choice Assistant (OSA) – where prospective students can explore what degree program suits them.

The Online Study-Choice Assistant describes the contents and themes of the individual degree programs, explains the curriculum, and uses sample tasks to give interested and prospective students an insight into basic issues in the field. In short video interviews, students talk about their experiences and professors describe their discipline’s fascination from a very personal point of view.

Moreover, Freie Universität Berlin offers the special option to start with an orientation study program. The program Eins@FU is a one-year introductory and orientation study program giving students the opportunity to try out different subjects before deciding on a degree program. The credits earned during this program will count towards your degree, provided they fulfill the requirements of your subsequent field of study.

Online-Studienfachwahl-Assistenten (OSA)

OSA – B.A. in Theater Studies

OSA – B.A. in Film Studies

Multidisciplinary OSA

Interactive Combination Table – B.A. Programs

The interactive combination table for bachelor's degree programs shows which degree programs can be studied together.