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Division of Culture and Media Management

Objects of study

This practice-oriented master's program explores knowledge resources and methods for application in cultural and media management. Above all, the program familiarizes students with the intersections between art, culture and media studies. Synergies between theory and practice are particularly encouraged, as is an engagement with questions and methodologies drawn from different sciences, cultural institutions, and the arts. Students will be given opportunities for independent, interdisciplinary project development, implementation, and quality assurance across various professional fields. The program examines the operations of cultural institutions, administrations, foundations, associations, companies, media and freelance work. University research, teaching and project work are productively intertwined, as current scientific positions and findings are brought into professional practice.

The course of study is characterized by intensive contact with and networking in the art and cultural, media, foundation and political landscapes, as well as the creative and digital industries. The program is primarily preoccupied with theater and performance, including drama, musical theatre, dance, performance, art action, and concerts, as well as with visual and multimedia culture, including visual culture, film and audiovisual media. Students will engage with these practices historically, theoretically and in terms of their current socio-economic implications. Special emphasis is placed on the hybrid interweaving of visual and performative cultures in the global present.