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About Research Projects at the Institute for Theater Studies

Workshop "Perspektiven der Biografie-Forschung" - BMBF-Project "(Re-) Collecting Theatre History"

Workshop "Perspektiven der Biografie-Forschung" - BMBF-Project "(Re-) Collecting Theatre History"

The Institute for Theater Studies is integrated into an international research network and is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach. We place particular emphasis on exchange and cooperation with other national and international research institutions, which is why many of the Institute's research projects take place in collaboration with other institutions.

Currently, there are research projects of various kinds and with very different foci, which reflect the entire range of the institute's research. The institute's research projects are located in special research areas, graduate colleges, a Kolleg-Forschungsgruppe, and a new cluster of excellence.

With its numerous archives, cinematheques, universities, museums, and scientific institutions, Berlin as a location for art, culture, and media offers an outstanding research location that attracts more and more scientists and artists from all over the world. For this reason, the Institute of Theater Studies has also established several fellowship programs as part of its associated research projects to promote international exchange.

An ongoing area of work at the Institute is the digitization of the extensive holdings of the Theater History Collections and the curation of the in-house media archive.

Research at the Institute of Theatre Studies is organized on a project basis. If you are interested in one of the research areas, please contact the contact persons or project leaders named there.

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