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The introductory phase and the advanced phase are consecutive phases. That means that in order to be able to enrol in courses of the advanced phase, you need to complete the relevant introductory phase module. Here’s an example: You can only participate in a seminar of the advanced “Theory and Aesthetics” module after having completed the introductory “Theory and Aesthetics” module (2011 Degree Program and Examination Regulations) or after having completed the “Introduction to Theater Theory” module (2022 Degree Program and Examination Regulations). In practice, it may happen that Campus Management does not list the introductory module as completed if there has been a delay in grade postings; if you have enrolled in the necessary courses and fulfilled the course requirements, you are able to enrol in the follow-up advanced module.

Access to a course’s Campus Management account is restricted to the course instructor. Please contact the course instructor and ask them to add the information. If you have any further problems or questions about Campus Management (registration/de-registration, exam results, grade information, using web functions, etc.), please check out the information on the Campus Management website – or contact the Campus Management/Info Service hotline by phone at 838-77770 or by email at cm-hotline@fu-berlin.de.

Grades or exam results that could not be entered into Campus Management for technical or other reasons need to be confirmed in writing by the course instructor. This “Papierschein” (course certificate), in combination with the complementary course, must be recognized by the BA advisor as part of a module certificate. (A module always comprises two courses – i.e., you can have the “Papierschein” for an advanced phase seminar recognized only if you have also enrolled in the accompanying lecture or methodology course/practice session.)

The form for the BaföG office is filled out by the BA advisor in your major – please bring the form to office hours in good time (please note that there may be irregular office hours when courses are not in session). At the Institute for Theater Studies, you need to have completed all introductory modules and earned an appropriate amount of advanced credits (2022 Degree Program and Examination Regulations) or advanced and specialization credits (2011 Degree Program and Examination Regulations) in order to receive this certificate.

The revised Degree Program and Examination Regulations for the B.A. in Theater Studies took effect in the 2022 summer semester. These revised regulations apply to all students who began their studies in or after the 2022/23 winter semester. The old regulations apply to all students who have started their studies before the 2022/23 winter semester and who have not applied to switch to the new regulations. You can find the various regulations here.