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'Tagesspiegel' reports on brain-constrained neural network models

The German newspaper "Tagesspiegel" has reported on the MatCo project. The article addresses our latest findings regarding the processing and memorization of abstract concepts, highlighting why language, particularly words, is adept at tackling this subject. You can read the full article here . For more information about our approach, read a more detailed report by Prof Dr Pulvermüller  here .


In Memoriam: Gisela Klann-Delius (1944-2024)

The members of the Brain Language Laboratory Berlin (BLL) mourn for Professor Gisela Klann-Delius who died on February 9, 2024.


Proband*innen gesucht

Für eine EEG-Studie am Labor für Gehirn- und Sprachforschung (Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195 Berlin) an der FU Berlin suchen wir deutsche Muttersprachler*innen. Die Studie beschäftigt sich mit den Mechanismen, die das Verstehen und die Produktion von Sprache unterstützen.


Scientific Talk by Rosario Tomasello at University Potsdam

Dr. Rosario Tomasello is giving a talk on "From Neurons to Symbolic Representation and Rapid Learning in Mind and Brain: A Brain-Constrained Neural Model" at University Potsdam. Time: 02.02.2024, 10-11 c.t. I Location: University Potsdam


Scientific Talks by Anna-Thekla Jäger and Kubra Fatullayeva

Anna-Thekla Jäger and Kubra Fatullayeva are giving talks on Intensive Language Action Therapy (ILAT) as part of the Progress in Brain Language Research colloquium. Time: 07.02.2024, 14-16 c.t. I Location: Online via Webex


Guest lecture by Mingya Liu: Experimental approaches to the semantics and pragmatics of conditionals

23.01.2024, 16-18 c.t. I FU Berlin, Room L115 (Habelschwerdter Allee 45, Seminarzentrum)


Upcoming scientific talk by Prof. Andreas Knoblauch: Learning mechanisms in neural networks and in artificial intelligence

28.07.2023, 16 - 18 c.t. FU Berlin JK 31/102 (Habelschwerdter Allee 45)


Upcoming scientific talk by Phuc Nguyen: A brain-constrained neural network model of proper names and category terms

31.05.2023, 16 -18 c.t. FU Berlin, JK 31/102 (Habelschwerdter Allee 45)


Public talks as part of the CoBra Event 2023

by Prof. Friedemann Pulvermüller, Prof. Angelo Cangelosi & Prof. Sonja Kotz