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Friedemann Pulvermüller on RBB radio: Interview on “How does language help us think? New insights thanks to AI"

Friedemann Pulvermüller was a guest on the radio station rbb24 Inforadio and gave an interview on questions such as “How do people develop the ability to speak? An understanding of language?"

News vom 03.06.2024

How complex are the processes that take place in the brain during speech and language comprehension? Which areas of the brain are activated? How do we learn meaning? What does a brain-constrained neural network model look like? What do results from simulations with these models show us and what can we learn from them?
Friedemann Pulvermüller answered questions like these in an interview with Anna Corves (rbb24 Inforadio). This interview is now available here (only available in German).

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