Prof. Dr. Stephen Muecke ist Gastprofessor auf der neu eingerichteten Hirschfeld-Mack-Gastprofessur am Institut für Englische Philologie

News vom 07.11.2008

Dr. Stephen Muecke, Professor für Cultural Studies an der University of Technology (Sydney), ist der erste Gastprofessor der neu eingerichteten Hirschfeld-Mack-Professur am Institut für Englische Philologie.

Biographische Angaben:
Stephen Muecke is Professor of Cultural Studies, Australian Professorial Fellow, and Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. He has a long-term research interest in Indigenous Studies, transnational cultures and new ethnography. He is co-editor, with Chris Healy, of the Cultural Studies Review. He took his Masters from Paris VIII working on the sociolinguistics of verbal parody performances, and has since worked (for his PhD) on the narratology of Aboriginal stories from the West Kimberley (WA). He has also researched Aboriginal philosophy (Ancient & Modern: Time, Culture and Indigenous Philosophy, UNSW Press,  2004), fictocritical writing, travel writing and the life and work of David Unaipon. With Devleena Ghosh and Michael Pearson he is engaged on a major new project: Culture and Commerce in the Indian Ocean.

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