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Articles in Refereed International Journals

  • Dobel, C., Hauk, O., Zobel, E., Eulitz, C., Pulvermüller, F., Cohen, R., Schönle, P.W., Elbert, T. & Rockstroh, B. 1998: Monitoring brain activity of human subjects during delayed matching to sample tasks comparing verbal and pictorial stimuli with modal and cross-modal presentation: an event related potential study employing a source reconstruction method. Neuroscience Letters 253, 179-182.
  • Mohr, B., Pulvermüller, F. & Schleichert, H. 1998: Learned changes of brain states alter cognitive processing in humans. Neuroscience Letters 253, 159-162.
  • Pulvermüller, F. 1998: On the matter of rules. Past tense-formation and its relevance for cognitive neuroscience. Network: Computation in Neural Systems 9 R, 1-52.

Chapters in Handbooks and Proceedings Volumes, Refereed Publications in National Journals

  • Pulvermüller, F. 1998: Sprache im Gehirn: Neurobiologisch überlegungen, psychophysiologische Befunde und psycholinguistische Implikationen. Colloquia Academica. Akademievorträge junger Wissenschaftler N1997. Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur: Mainz, 7-44.