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Visiting Professorship for German-Language Poetics

The Heiner Müller Visiting Professorship for German Literature was initiated in 2005. The visiting professorship is connected to the awarding of the Berliner Literaturpreis (30,000 euros) by the “Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung.” The award goes to writers whose literary works have made a substantial contribution to the development of German contemporary literature in the areas of lyric poetry, narrative prose, or drama. The annually selected laureates supervise a literary workshop for young authors that is taught during the summer term. In this class twenty students  from all the Berlin universities have an opportunity to discuss their own literary works with the laureate. In 2017 the Heiner Müller Visiting Professorship for German Literature was renamed into Gastprofessur für deutschsprachige Poetik der Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung an der Freien Universität Berlin.

Monika Rinck is the Visiting Professor in the summer term 2021.

List of past Visiting Professors

Sommersemester 2020: Thomas Meinecke
Sommersemester 2019: Clemens J. Setz
Sommersemester 2018: Marion Poschmann
Sommersemester 2017: Ilma Rakusa
Sommersemester 2016: Feridun Zaimoglu
Sommersemester 2015: Olga Martynova
Sommersemester 2014: Hans Joachim Schädlich
Sommersemester 2013: Lukas Bärfuss
Sommersemester 2012: Rainald Goetz
Sommersemester 2011: Thomas Lehr
Sommersemester 2010: Sibylle Lewitscharoff
Sommersemester 2009: Dea Loher
Sommersemester 2008: Ulrich Peltzer
Sommersemester 2007: Ilija Trojanow
Sommersemester 2006: Durs Grünbein
Sommersemester 2005: Herta Müller