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Course of Study

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In the first semester, the module "Introduction to Critical Dance Studies" presents subjects that offer orientation in Dance Studies’ theoretical research field. These include a weekly introductory course and an applied practice session exploring body and movement techniques, typically in block seminar format. The three-part module "Theory / Aesthetics" is made up of a research seminar, a seminar-like practice session on dance writing, and a lecture.

In the second semester, the module "Historicity / Historiography" offers three courses exploring concepts and methods of dance historiography based on key historical examples. The three-part module is comprised of a research seminar, a seminar-style practice session, and a lecture. The module "Methods/Practice" encompasses a group project and accompanying applied practice session, developed within the framework of the Valeska Gert Guest Professorship.

The third semester consists of the three-part module "Dance / Arts / Media," in which a research seminar, seminar-style practice session, and lecture address questions of dance’s intermediality and postmediality. The module "Research Practice" enables students to work with another Valeska Gert Guest Professor and to test initial impulses for the topic of their master's thesis within a project colloquium.

In the fourth semester, students complete a master's thesis and attend an accompanying research colloquium.

The master’s degree program in Critical Dance Studies is a full-time course. Requests for part-time study will be considered on an individual basis.