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Touching and to be Touched. Kinesthesia and Empathy in Dance and Movement

Touching and to be Touched

Touching and to be Touched

Gabriele Brandstetter, Sabine Zubarik (Hg.) – 2013

Movement and touch are fundamental elements of dance - both for the dancers on stage and the spectators who are touched and moved by the performance. The papers collected in this volume (by scholars from a range of disciplines including dance, literature, and film studies, as well as philosophy and the neurosciences) focus on the relationship of movement, touch, and emotion, and how it can be understood in relation to kinesthesia and empathy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hinweise und Aktionen

Touching and to be Touched
Gabriele Brandstetter, Sabine Zubarik (Hg.)
De Gruyter
ISBN: 978-3110291865
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