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Information for New Students

Oct 09, 2023

Welcome to the Institute for Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin!

Dear new students at the Institute for Theater Studies, 

We – the management of the institute and the student initiative of performative sciences (FSI) – would like to welcome you to the Institute of Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin! The Institute is home to the departments of Theater and Film Studies (BA and MA programs), Dance Studies and Cultural and Media Management, and Musicology (MA programs), which are engaged in a close interdisciplinary exchange.

Starting your studies is always associated with many questions. Not everyone knows everything and is responsible for everything; this is no different with us: Therefore, we would like to name the contact persons for the most important topics below:

A. Student Service Center (SSC) at the FU Berlin

The Student Service Center (SSC) at the FU Berlin is the right place to go for questions about enrollment, subject combinations, student IDs, etc., i.e. for everything that has to do with the very general organization of your studies.

B. Study Program Contact Persons at the Institute
For each course of study there is at least one person who is the contact person for the organization of the content of the studies. Which courses should I take at the beginning of my studies? How can I certify proof of academic success for the BaFöG office or have certificates of achievement from my old university recognized? How can I get suitable support for the further planning of my studies in case of problems? The study program contact person are happy to help in these cases or can at least tell you who can best help. The responsible study program representatives can be found on the homepage of the institute.

C. Teaching Staff

If you have questions about a specific course (content, organization, registration, etc.), you can always contact the lecturers directly. The contact details can be found on the list of staff members on our homepage. All courses can be found in the course catalog of our institute (WE7). Requests should be made by mail if possible.

D. Student Contact Persons

In many cases, it is easiest to talk to fellow students who already know the university and its structures well. Student advice and support is offered by the student mentors in the various fields of study, both at the beginning of the semester and later in the course of studies. For all institute-related topics, the fachschaftsinitiative performativer wissenschaften (FSI) is also available as a contact. The FSI is organized by students on their own responsibility, is active in university politics and also participates in the institute's council in all important decisions (for further information see our homepage). In addition, some courses are accompanied by student tutors, with whom the topics of the course can be deepened in accompanying courses (more information in the corresponding courses). Finally, there is the Allgemeinen Studierendenausschuss der FU Berlin (AStA FU), which is active in university politics throughout the university and beyond.


For the planning of your ERASMUS+ stay, the corresponding representatives of our institute are available, who can be found on the ERASMUS+ page of our homepage. For students going from the FU to a partner university abroad, the outgoing advisors are responsible.

F. IT Issues
For questions about technology, it always depends on the specific question who is the best contact person for which problem. The most important platforms are the ZEDAT-Portal for webmail and other services, course registration via CampusManagement and registration on Blackboard and un.iversity for course materials, etc. If you have problems registering for a course, the teaching staff can always help you. Further support regarding course registrations, grades and modules (i.e. CampusManagement) can be obtained from the responsible examination office. If you have problems with your own FU account, the FU's ZEDAT support (Central Data Processing) can help you. There is also a very good online tutorial for using CampusMangement.. 

G. Other Facilities at the Institute and at the FU Berlin

The staff members in the library, the theater history collections, and the institute's media lab are happy to help with research questions. The media lab also offers an introductory event (see program overview below). If you have questions about the general organization of the institute, about the seminar rooms or in case of an emergency (e.g. laptop forgotten in the seminar room), our institute administration will be happy to help. Students with limited mobility or chronic illnesses can find advice and support in all areas of their studies at the FU's student advisor. In addition, the Student Advisory Service and Psychological Counseling offers support for exam and speech anxiety, writer's block, and life crises. If you are looking for a job or internship while studying, you can subscribe to our Jobs-TheaterFilm mailing list. Interesting event announcements related to the subjects represented at our institute are distributed via the Veranstaltungen-TheaterFilm mailing list. University-wide advising services are very clearly summarized in the Advising Guide.

H. TheFiMu-Café at the Institute for Theater Studies
The TheFiMu-Café offers coffee, tea, soft drinks, rolls and snacks on a donation basis. You will also find a microwave and dishes for your own food as well as comfortable chairs for chilling out together (or quickly reading the forgotten texts for the next seminar). We are completely organized on a voluntary student basis – if you want to take over a shift, you can do this on your own (after a short briefing) and thus contribute to the café being open more often (hint: if you take over a shift, you get coffee and rolls for free ;-) ). You can find us to the right of the lecture hall in the Institute of Theater Studies.

I. Freie Filmwerkstatt

We don't just want to talk about film, we want to make film. You too? Welcome to the Freie Filmwerkstatt! We are a film collective by students for students. We produce several non-commercial short films every semester, and we also host workshops, film competitions, and film nights. Anyone who wants to can join the Freie Filmwerkstatt, whether experienced or not. Once a semester there is a pitching meeting where film ideas are presented and teams are found. The films are then produced during the semester.

Our appointments in the Winter Term 2023/24:
- October 26, 2023        6:15 p.m.          Introduction Meeting
- November 02, 2023     8:15 Uhr           Pitching Meeting

If you want to be informed about all our dates and events, subscribe to our mail newsletter (https://freie-filmwerkstatt.de) and/or our Instagram channel (@freie_filmwerkstatt).

J. Sports and Language Courses

If you would like to register for a language course, please note that the registration deadline is Tuesday, October 10, 2023, at 9:00 am. If you have previous knowledge of a language, you will have to take a placement test. Please also note the registration period on the website of the Language Center: https://www.sprachenzentrum.fu-berlin.de

Sports courses can be booked from October 2, 2023 - check the university sports program at: https://www.hochschulsport.fu-berlin.de

We wish you and you an exciting orientation week and look forward to getting to know you and you in the joint events!

Prof. Dr. Doris Kolesch
Geschäftsführende Direktorin

Prof. Dr. Sabine Nessel
Stellv. Geschäfsführende Direktorin

Eure  fachschaftsinitiative
performativer wissenschaften


fachschaftsinitiative performativer wissenschaften (FSI)

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Oct 09, 2023

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