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Dr. Lindsey Drury

Dr. Lindsey Drury

Institut / Einrichtungen:

Fachgebiet / Arbeitsbereich:

Seminar für Tanzwissenschaft

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Grunewaldstraße 35
Raum 221
12165 Berlin
+49 30 838 - 4 67302


Wintersemester 2024: Donnerstags, 9:00-10:00, 14:00-15:00

Sommersemester 2024

The Body on Display: Einführung in die Aufführungsanalyse
     (BA Theaterwissenschaft)

Wintersemester 2023/24

Critical Dance Anthropology
     (MA Tanzwissenschaft)
Projektkolloquium: Fictional Realism
     (MA Tanzwissenschaft)

Sommersemester 2023

Ways of Witness: Einführung in die Aufführungsanalyse
     (BA Theaterwissenschaft)

Dr. Lindsey Drury is an early modernist historian and performance studies scholar who works on critical/digital research approaches to colonial history. She holds a PhD in early modern studies (University of Kent at Canterbury / Freie Universität Berlin) and specialises in religious, scholarly and colonial ideas about spiritual dancing communities in Europe and North America from the early modern period through the 19th century. As an organiser of forums for artistic and scholarly exchange on the topic of decolonization, Drury developed the workshop ““Depth of Field: Decolonization and the Grounds of Art(istic) Research”” at the Cluster of Excellence “Temporal Communities" as well as the series ““Practices of Unsettling”” within the 25th Digital Research in Humanities and Arts conference. Drury’s approach to performance history and digital scholarship is further informed by her artistic work in intermedia performance. She has been a resident artist at Pioneer Works, Momenta Art, Gibney Dance, and Cora Dance, and a board member of the Association for Performance Art in Berlin and her dance and performance works have been presented at the Queens Museum, St Mark’s Church, Issue Project Room, Judson Church, ZK/U Berlin, CARPA Helsinki, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Chashama, and elsewhere.

Forthcoming 2025. Cosmic Body Dancing Plague: Performance and cosmology in the work of Paracelsus. Under contract, Brill Aries book series.

Forthcoming 2026. Dances for the Potter’s Wheel: Body, time, and world in early print (working title). Under review.

Forthcoming est. 2027. Arrested Loss: Dance objects and colonial science between Germany and the American West (working title). In progress, estimated completion 2026.

Forthcoming 2024. “Memory, Ceremony, Sacrifice: Gene Weltfish, the Pawnee Nation, and the Settler State”, in: 
Marginality and Resistencia. Miguel Rivas Venegas, Martina Weisz, eds. (Berlin: DeGruyter)
Forthcoming 2024. “Imitation de la foi: Matérialité, imagination et croyance dans l'écriture tardive de Paracelse sur la danse de St Vitus” 
Le Corps et les Pouvoirs de l'Imagination, Elizabeth Claire, Beatrice Delaurenti, Roberto Poma, and Koen Vermeir, eds. (Turnhout: Brepols).
Forthcoming 2024. “Pellicle and Portrait: Face, race, and interface in media theory (from Lavater to Dagognet to Galloway)” Interface Critique (Heidelberg: Arthistoricum Verlag).
2022. “The Blurred Bodies of Matachines: Warburg's Notes on a Colonial New Mexican Dance Drama”, in: Lightning Symbol and Snake Dance: Aby Warburg and Pueblo Art, Uwe Fleckner and Christine Chavez, eds. (Berlin: Hatje Cantz).
2021. “When is a House? In Seven Figures”, in: Institution is a Verb: A Panoply Performance Lab Compilation, Esther Neff, Ayana Evans, Tsedaye Makonnen, Elizabeth Lamb, eds. (New York: The Operating System)

August 2023. “The Transhistorical, Transcultural Life of Sausages: From medieval morescas to New Mexican Matachines with Aby Warburg”. Postmedieval, special issue “Legacies of Medieval Dance” guest edited by Kathryn Dickason.
April 2022 “What’s in a Name? Somatics and the Historical Revisionism of Thomas Hanna” Dance Research Journal.
September 2021. “The Double-Life of ‘Pagan Dance’: Indigenous Rituality, Early Modern Dance and the Language of US Newspapers” European Journal of Theatre and Performance, No. 03. Essays Section, "Language and Performance: Moving across Discourses and Practices in a Globalised World", Małgorzata Sugiera, Karel Vanhaesebrouck, and Timmy De Laet, eds. -Peer reviewed-
2017. with Dee Ali, “The Judson Dancers”. Matters of Act: A Journal of Ideas, Drury & No Collective, eds. (Brooklyn: Already Not Yet Press)
2014. “Mobilizing the Ineffable: Yvonne Meier” Learning to Love Dance More: A Performance Journal. Volume 8, Displacement (Summer 2014), 8-12.
2012. “Interview with Yvonne Meier” Learning to Love Dance More: A Performance Journal. Volume 5, Back to School (Fall 2012).
2011. “Emergence: Watching and being early-career artists in New York City dance” Critical Correspondence, Movement Research (NYC).