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David Carr (Emory University, USA)

"...So etwas wie Leiblichkeit." On Social Embodiment

Bret W. Davis (Loyola University. Maryland, USA)

Toward a Zen Phenomenology of Psychosomatic Practice

Rolf Elberfeld (Hildesheim, Germany)

"Kata". Embodied Movements and Self-Awakening. ("Kata". Verkörperte Bewegungen und Selbst-Erwachen)

Hans Feger (Free University Berlin, Germany)

Friedrich Nietzsche: Thinking als Listening to my Living Body

Yvonne Förster (Lüneburg, Germany)

Imaginations of Intelligence: Embodiment and Disembodiment in Contemporary Cinema

Tonino Griffero (Rom, Italien)

Felt-Bodily Resonances: Towards a Pathic Aesthetic

Hilge Landweer (Free University Berlin, Germany)

Mass Emotion and Shared Feelings

Hermann Schmitz (Kiel, Germany)

Leib und leibliche Kommunikation (Eröffnungsvortrag)

Jan Slaby (Free University Berlin, Germany)

Living in the Moment: Boredom and the Meaning of Existence in Heidegger and Pessoa

Tanja Stähler (University of Sussex, UK)

Pregnant Embodiment as World Transformation

Bernhard Waldenfels (Bochum and Munich, Germany)

Der Leib als Umschlagstelle zwischen Natur und Kultur (Abschlussvortrag)

Maren Wehrle (KU Leuven, Husserl Archives, Belgien)

The normative body and the embodiment of norms. Bridging the gap between phenomenological and Foucauldian approaches

Mark Wrathall (University of Calif. Riverside, USA)

"I" "here" and "you" "there": Heidegger on existential spatiality and the "volatilized" self

Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen, Dänemark)

Intersubjectivity, sociality, community: The role of embodiment

Chong-Fuk Lau (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)

On the Possibility of a Disembodied Mind

Saulius Geniusas (CUHK, Hong Kong)

Phenomenology of Embodied Personhood and the Challenges of Naturalism in Pain Research

Volker Heubel (Tongji University in Shanghai)

Dwelling as culture of atmospheres viewed from the perspective of East-Asian tea spaces

Kohji Ishihara (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Common Sense and Embodiment. Revisiting the Phenomenological Psychopathology of Blankenburg, Stanghellini, and Kimura on Schizophrenia and Depersonalization

Leung Po Shan (Hongkong Baptist University, China)

From the analysis of the political embodiment in Heidegger's Black Notebooks to a brief comparison with Confucianism

Junichi Murata (Rissho University, Japan)

What are senses and sense modalities?— From a viewpoint of an ecological phenomenology

Tae-Hee Kim (Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea)

A Situation-Hypothesis about Asymmetries of Perceptual Span: A Front-loaded Phenomenological Essay

Toru Tani (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)

Body, Language and Mediality

Tze-wan Kwan (Chinese University of Hongkong, China)

Bodily Dasein and the Chinese Script

Wang Wen-Sheng (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Heidegger on the Problem of Embodiment of God

Christian Helmut Wenzel (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Zhuangzi and the New Phenomenology

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