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Chair for Modern Greek Studies

Modern Greek language and literature is the academic study of Greek culture, literature, and language in the early modern and modern periods. The scope of Modern Greek language and literature studies extends to present-day Greece and Cyprus, the worldwide modern Greek diaspora, and the history of the Greek-speaking regions of the former Ottoman Empire and Southeastern Europe. Main areas of focus in this discipline that are extensively represented in the Institute’s research and teaching activities include the Modern Greek language system and its history and the history of modern Greek culture and literature in its relation to both the ancient and the Byzantine traditions as well as the modern national literatures. Modern Greek language and literature studies at Freie Universität Berlin take a comparative approach and involve literary and cultural theory. Their aim is to view modern Greek literature and cultural studies within an overall European context and to consider them in light of the theoretical and methodological new developments being advanced in related studies of literature and culture. This chair’s main areas of emphasis in its research lie in the history of modern Greek literature and ideas since the 18th century, German/Greek cultural transfer, and the history of books and reading.

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