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Positioning German Poetry in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

Innovatively bringing together academics and practitioners, AfterWords offers structured snapshots from across the twentieth century onwards: focussing on the defining tenets of modernism, the post-war turn, and post-1990 culture of the Berlin Republic.

Narratives of Female Exhaustion around 1900 and 2000


Negotiations of exhaustion, gender and work in literature and medicine

The project aims to highlight and systematize female exhaustion narratives around 1900 and 2000. By combining discourse analysis and a gender theoretical perspective with a narratological approach, the project renders discourses of exhaustion, femininity and work in their respective formations of motifs and structures visible and analyzable.

Geopolitics of Literary Translation


The Literary Colloquium Berlin and the Streams of Translation in Europe

The project examines the development of the Literary Colloquium Berlin (LCB) into a centre of literary translation funding in a national and European context.The project aims mainly to reconstruct the historical development of this phenomenon. Secondly, it seeks to conduct a translation-sociological field analysis and interpretation of the translation transfers facilitated by the LCB.

Philological Laboratory

Philologisches Laboratorium

New Models of Approaches to Art beyond Criticism

The project’s objective is to develop ways of approaching formations of meaning that are not guided by the prevailing model of criticism. Critical tools developed in the disciplines shall be used in a more cautious and thoughtful way in order to satisfy one’s own experience with art. It is about admiring things as a critic, to be driven by curiosity, to give in to surprise – in short: to exceed one’s own knowledge.

Aristotelian Negotiations

Tragödie Webseite

Interweaving tragedy theory and the history of knowledge

The development of the European tragedy involves a pervasive transformation in the imagination of tragic elements. What are the consequences in terms of cultural history and gender politics?

Community as Retrotopia?


Belonging in Literature and Video Art

The comparative study at the intersection of literature and cultural anthropology analyzes imageries of community in selected literary texts and video artworks within the context of categories such as belonging, recognition, and solidarity.

Excellence Initiative & Strategy

From 2007 to 2019, the FSGS was supported through the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments. What does this mean? What happened afterwards? Find out here.

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