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Award for Doctoral Programmes


Award through the Einstein Foundation Berlin

In 2017, Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School won the Einstein Foundation Berlin’s main award, endowed with 360,000 EUR for the best doctoral program in the city. From 2017 - 2019, the award allows for:



Graphic medicine and literary pathographies

The aesthetics and politics of illness narratives in contemporary comics and literature: Narratives in the genres known as graphic medicine and literary pathographies both address liminal experiences such as illness, chronic disease, and disability, offering individual stories of patients, family members, and health care professionals.

Philological Laboratory


New models of approaches to art beyond criticism

The project’s objective is to develop ways of approaching formations of meaning that are not guided by the prevailing model of criticism. Critical tools developed in the disciplines shall be used in a more cautious and thoughtful way in order to satisfy one’s own experience of art. It is about admiring things as a critic, to be driven by curiosity, to give in to surprise – in short: to exceed one’s own knowledge.


Rundes Logo

Mitteleuropäische Observationen einer Neuen Mitte (1900-1945)

»In jener Zeit werden gewaltige neue Nationen auf riesenhaften Schiffen zwischen den Ufern Asiens und Amerikas verkehren […]. Da wird die Zivilisation ihren Lauf um den Erdball vollendet haben, und die alte Europa, einst eine so schöne, blühende Jungfrau, […] wird dann ein vertrocknetes Mütterlein sein, das uralte und alte Schätze und Andenken in altväterlichen Kommoden und Schränken und in der Schürze hält.« (Wilhelm Raabe, 1863)

Aristotelian Negotiations

Tragödie Webseite

Hard and Soft Pathos in Tragedy

The development of the European tragedy involves a pervasive transformation in the imagination of tragic elements. What are the consequences in terms of cultural history and gender politics?

Phono post


Media Archaeology of Voice Mail

Greetings from the gramophone: in the first half of the 20th century, one could send acoustic greetings through phono post, which this project is archiving and analyzing for the first time.

Third party funds


The Graduate School supports applications of its members and selected postdocs. The associated projects are supported administratively by the FSGS management.

Excellence Initiative & Strategy

FSGS Banner

From 2008 through 2019, FSGS was supported through the Excellence Initiative of the federal and state governments. What does this mean? What happened afterwards? Find out here.

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