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DramaNet Conferences

The DramaNet project hosted five international conferences, this constituting a network of intellectual exchange on European and global theatre cultures and traditions. 

In 2012, the DramaNet conference entitled "Theatre Cultures within Globalising Empires: Looking at Early Modern England and Spain" was held from 15-16 November at the Freie Universität Berlin. The 2013 conference addressed the topic "Dramatic Experience: Poetics of Drama and the Public Sphere(s) in Early Modern Europe and Beyond.”
The 2015 meeting focussed on "Poetics and Politics: Net Structures and Agencies in Early Modern Drama" and in February 2016, Daniel S. Mayfield and J. Küpper invited to Berlin to discuss "Rhetoric and Drama". The conference on "History and Drama: The Pan-European Tradition" in October 2016 convened by Tatjana Korneeva, Jaša Drnovšek and Joachim Küpper figured as the project's closing event.
DramaNet conference proceedings are being made available as Open Access publications, please see the respective conference announcement for durther details and link.