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24.09.2010 - 25.09.2010

"Visualizing Knowledge in Signs"
Encoding Meanings in Logophonetic Writing Systems

The main aim of the workshop is to investigate, in an interdisciplinary perspective, the relationship between writing, script and knowledge, focusing on the following aspects: Generating knowledge, Categorizing knowledge, and Rationalizing knowledge. The workshop will concentrate on the role of iconic aspects of writing and script in connection with both factual knowledge (knowledge about the world) and linguistic knowledge (knowledge about the language), as reflected for example in the visual organization of texts or iconic aspects of signs in logophonetic writing systems. Invited speakers include experts in Aegean, Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese, Mesoamerican, and Near Eastern writing systems.

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24.09.2010 - 25.09.2010

Räume des Graduiertenkollegs Schriftbildlichkeit