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16847 - Seminar


Koordination: Prof. Dr. M. Fischer (Psychology, Universität Potsdam), Prof. Dr. M. Pauen (Philosophy, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) & Prof. Dr. Dr. F. Pulvermüller (Linguistics, Freie Universität Berlin)

Ort: Online (via Zoom)

Zeit: Blockseminar 15.-19.03.2021 10-17h, Vorbesprechung 26.11.2020 18h

Erster Termin: 26.11.2020

Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch/Englisch


Platzbeschränkung: Nein

Teilnahmepflicht: Ja

SWS: 2



Preparatory meeting: 26.11.2020, 18h

Time: 15.-19.03.2021, 10-17h

Venue: zoom


Meeting-ID: 942 668 6881 – Passwort: KultPhil

Materials available on:

www.pauen.com, click on „Studenten“, then select course

User name: mozart – Password: otto (both lowercase)

Traditionally, philosophy, psychology, and linguistics used to focus on abstract descriptions when it comes to explain and understand cognition. In particular, the conceptual or semantic system has been framed in terms of a symbolic system in which meaning is defined in terms of abstract features or relationships between symbols. This view has been challenged in recent years both by philosophical arguments and empirical evidence showing that cognitive processes can only be understood if bodily processes are taken into account, that is, if meaning and concepts are ‘grounded’ in the world and in human actions and emotions. In addition, results from brain research have been interpreted to provide strong evidence that concepts are grounded and ‘embodied’. The current ‘embodiment debate’ aims at an integrative account that tackles relevant philosophical issues and explains a broad range of psychological and neuroscience data.

The seminar will start with a discussion of the main philosophical issues. Afterwards, empirical papers from psychology, linguistics and neuroscience which fueled the debate about embodied cognition will be read and discussed.

To receive more information about this course and for signing up, please contact Ms Verena Arndt (verena.arndt@fu-berlin.de) or speak to F Pulvermüller in his office hour.

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