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While studying for an M.A. in Film Studies, students complete six modules, each consisting of two courses (see M.A. in Film Studies – Module Overview).

In one module each on Film Analysis and History and on Film Aesthetics and Art/Media Theory, the students learn to engage with problems and issues in current film and media studies research, and to formulate their own research questions and theoretical concepts.

The specialization module on Methodology focuses on the application and critical reflection of film studies methodologies. In the specialization module on Theory, students deepen the critical reflection and contextualization of film theoretical concepts, particularly through an interdisciplinary dialogue with art, cultural studies, and media studies.

In the Project module, students try out practical forms of work in media studies research or other potential fields of employment – such as archives and museums, programming film series and festivals, or film criticism.

The Current Research Issues module is devoted to developing a comprehensive research prospectus in a field of the students’ own choosing, which is to form the basis for the master’s thesis. The students present their work in a seminar and independently moderate the discussion. 

General Information on Modules and Credit Points (CPs)