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Teach abroad

Teaching abroad: Study abroad / PAD

Scholarships for teaching in schools

  • PAD in Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain or Québec: the Foreign Language Assistant Program

Through the Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD), you can teach up to twelve hours per week as a foreign language assistantin (German-as-a-Foreign-Language) in an elementary or secondary school. You will live and work in the target language country (fr. Belgium, fr. Switzerland, France, Québec, Italy, or Spain) for 6 to 10 months, gaining valuable experience for a future teaching position. You do not necessarily have to study the language of the target country. Applications are open to Germans and foreign students under 35 years of age, including those who do not intend to become teachers.


Prospective German foreign language teachers can be placed through the PAD as COMENIUS language assistants for 3 to 8 months in schools, preschool institutions, and educational institutions for adults (other than universities) in another participating country of the EU's SOCRATES program. The objective of this program is two fold:

  • future foreign language teachers are offered the opportunity to expand and improve their foreign language skills, deepen their knowledge of other European countries and educational systems, and gain pedagogical experience;
  • at the host schools or educational institutions, the use of Comenius language assistants should help to increase the motivation in students to learn German, to improve and extend their knowledge of German and to increase their interest in Germany. Last but not least, the Comenius language assistants should support Comenius-1-Project and establish contacts with Germany;
  • for further information, Comenius-Programm (in German)

Central Office for Schools Abroad

After successfully completing your traineeship, you can obtain information here about a position at German schools abroad.