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In our Institute, you can study French, Galician, Italian, Catalan, Portuguese, and Spanish. However, in order to study those languages the Freie Universität Berlin requires that all students to have a fair knowledge of German before beginning their bachelor's and master's degree programs, here you can find a brief summary of the language requirements.

To go directly to the bachelor's and master's degree programs, how to apply, their study regulations, and further information, please click here (in German).


The Freie Universität Berlin considers German language skills an essential precondition for studying. Only if you participate in an exchange program, if you wish to enroll in a study program taught in English or if you have an appropriate approval from the doctoral committee in charge for your doctoral project, then you do not need German language skills. Please note that the language skills requirement are course-specific. Here we only listed the one's required by the Insitute for Romance Philology.

In general, we recommend that you obtain proof of the German language skills required for enrollment already in your home country.

There are three possibilities to prove your language skills: at enrollment, at the application, visiting a Studienkolleg. Their details are summarized below, but their more up-to-date version can be found here.

At enrollment

Those language skills have to be proven at the enrollment (Immatrikulation) by submitting a language certificate not older than three years. At the Institute for Romance Philology, the certificates may be:

  • DSH 2
  • Telc C 1-Hochschule
  • C 2-Zertifikat des Goethe-Instituts
  • Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz - Zweite Stufe (DSD II)
  • Feststellungsprüfung des Studienkollegs (Assessment Exam of the Studienkolleg)
  • TestDaF with at least level 4 in all four parts

If you are not able to present the above-mentioned certificates at the enrollment, but meet the minimum German language requirements for apllication, you will have the opportunity to take the German Language Test for University Admission (DSH) at Freie Universität Berlin on one of the dates offered if you are admitted. Detailed information about the DSH is available on the website of the Language Center of Freie Universität Berlin (in German only).


When applying for a degree program at Freie Universität Berlin you have to prove at least German proficiency at level C1 CEFR by submitting one of the following certificates:

  • C1 CEFR certificate with grades
  • TestDaF with at least level 4 in two parts and level 3 in two parts (f.e. 4/4/3/3)
  • Language evaluation test, which attests skills at level C1 CEFR
  • DSH 1

Proof of German language skills must be uploaded to the uni-assist application portal by the application deadline.

German Skills for the Studienkolleg

In general, it is advisable to submit a proof of German language skills at level C1, as only the evaluation of the university entrance qualification (HZB) will determine whether you have to attend the Studienkolleg or can apply for a degree program directly.

However, if you are sure that you have not obtained a direct HZB with your certificate from your home country and you need to attend the Studienkolleg, German proficiency at level B2 is sufficient.

For level B2 CEFR the following proofs are accepted:

  • DSH-1
  • TestDaF with at least level 3 in all four parts
  • B2 CEFR certificate with grades from a language school
  • language evaluation test, which attests skills at level B2 CEFR
  • proof of attendance for C1 language course (ongoing or completed course)

Proof of German language skills must be uploaded to the uni-assist application portal by the application deadline.

Learning German

The Language Center of Freie Universität Berlin offers pre-semester courses and semester-long language courses for students of Freie Universität Berlin.


In some cases, you may also have to prove English skill at enrollment. In those cases, you can find further information here.