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When and for how long?

The Institute recommends that all students study abroad or spend an extended period of time abroad.

You should plan for the 3rd or 5th semester of study abroad.

  • In the 3rd semester, you have the advantage that your language acquisition is intensively supported at an early stage and that our partner universities usually offer the study contents provided for by our BA study regulations.
  • The disadvantage is that you have to take care of your stay abroad already towards the end of the 1st semester (the application deadlines for ERASMUS are usually in January / February).
  • In the 5th semester you have the advantage that you are already better acquainted with your studies and can possibly find out more specifically which courses are necessary for you. In addition, you may be able to follow up your study stay with the internship required by the ABV (in this case, as long as you remain enrolled, the ERASMUS grant may continue to be paid).

When choosing your courses at the partner university, please make sure that you usually write your BA thesis in the 6th semester, which should ideally come from a course of the advanced modules.

Many ERASMUS programs offer the possibility to apply for one or two semesters. A longer stay abroad offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself intensively in the language and culture of the target language country. However, it might be difficult to complete all the required coursework in both of your subjects (and for students with a teaching option: in LBW). In addition, at many universities the teaching program already ends in early summer. A one-semester stay is usually easier to fit into the study schedule at the Freie Universität.