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The respective module representatives are responsible for the recognition of academic credits earned abroad. Please contact the module representative before you leave and have him/her confirm the selected courses after your arrival at the place of study (form "Mailwechsel Anerkennung"). After the consultations, enter all attended courses into the form "revised study plan" and mail it to erasmus@romanistik.fu-berlin.de.

After your studies abroad, please go to the respective module representatives with all the study certificates you received there (study book, certificates, recognitions, etc.), and, if applicable, the performance records you prepared for them (exams, written papers, etc.), as well as a copy of the Learning Agreements (only in German) concluded prior to your stay abroad and a printout of the "revised study plan". The module representatives should generously recognize study achievements made abroad. They have special tables for the conversion of grades. Afterwards, go with the module recognitions (only whole modules, no recognitions of module PART exams!) to the examination office, where your achievements will be entered in Campus-Management.


Bachelor thesis have to be written at the Freie Universität.

Please note that all the forms to our Institute have to be filled in German, unless stated otherwise

Conversion tables for grades from abroad as pdf files: