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Prof. Dr. Barbara Vetter
Freie Universität Berlin
Faculty: Philosophy and Humanities
Department: Philosophy
Address: Habelschwerdter Allee 30, 14195 Berlin, Germany
E-Mail: erasmus [at] philosophie.fu-berlin.de

Erasmus+ code: D BERLIN01

Modules should be chosen only once.

Please, address the international office, preferably Ms. Sattler, e-mail address: incoming [at] fu-berlin.de, address: Iltisstraße 4, 14195 Berlin

Please, hand in the Transcript of Records form (either the English or the German version) plus scans of all your certificates (evidences of academic achievement), “Papierscheine” or the Campus Management PDF excerpts at erasmus@philosophie.fu-berlin.de.

The forms can be downloaded on the incoming homepage.

We don’t have a deadline but it is advisable to check whether your home university has a deadline until when they want to the ToR to be handed in.

A preliminary ToR can be issued which lists all modules and courses you participated in and the marks for those modules where marks already have been given. When all certificates (evidences of academic achievement) are finally available the final ToR will be issued.

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