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Seminar „Sprache und Denken“

Graduate Course/Seminar

Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedemann Pulvermüller & Prof. Dr. Gisela Klann-Delius

Place: room JK 33 - conference room LoE

Hours: 29.11., 12-14h; compact course: 8.-10.1.2014, 10-18h

First Date: 29.11.2013

Language: Deutsch/English



This research seminar looks at recent progress in research on the cognitive and brain basis of meaning. Recent publications will be discussed to get an overview over the state of the so-called “embodiment debate”. Here are some of the questions to be addressed:

  • Does semantics draw upon motor and sensory knowledge?
  • How do we learn, process and represent concrete and abstract meaning?
  • What is the “symbol grounding problem” and what does it tell us?
  • Is meaning processed in modality specific or amodal areas of the brain?
  • How do we acquire the meaning of emotion words and sentences?

The seminar will consist of student presentations and may include presentations of research projects.

Here you can find the Programm.

This area provides course material, literature and presentations available for download and a password is required.

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