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Articles in Refereed International Journals

Chapters in Handbooks and Conference Volumes

  • Dreyer, F. R. & Pulvermüller, F. 2019. Chapter 1. The relevance of specific semantic categories in investigating the neural bases of abstract and concrete semantics. In: M. Bolognesi and G. J. Steen (Eds). Perspectives on Abstract Concepts. Cognition, language and communication (pp. 17–42). John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. doi: 10.1075/hcp.65.02dre.
  • Margiotoudi, K., Allritu, M., Bohn, M., & Pulvermüller, F. 2019. Testing “maluma-takete” in humans and great apes, presentation at the 41st Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society, Bremen, 7-9 March.