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Guglielmo Lucchese

Post-doctoral researcher

   Phone: 030 838 56619

   Mail: guglielmo.lucchese@fu-berlin.de

   Address: Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195

   Room: JK31/224

Personal Profile:

I received my M.D. from the University of Bari in 2009. There I practiced as a physician in the Neurophysiopathology Unit and did biomedical research, with a particular focus on multiple sclerosis. In 2012 I joined the Brain Language Lab and started my Ph.D. in  Neuroscience of Language. My research dealt with clinical, physiological and molecular aspects of brain (dis)function ranging across neuroepidemiology, neuropharmacology, immunology, and - more recently - neurophysiology and cognitive neuroscience.

Current Research:
  • syntactic and semantic processing in auditory language perception
  • aphasia and language impairments                                                                  
  • electroencephalography (EEG) and event related potentials (ERPs)
Selected Publications:
  • Lucchese G.  Confronting JC virus and Homo sapiens biological signatures.  Front Biosci. 2013 Jan 1;18:716-24
  • Trojano M, Lucchese G, Graziano G, Taylor BV, Simpson S Jr, D’Onghia M, Lepore V, Grand’Maison F, Duquette P, Izquierdo G, Grammond P, Amato MP, Bergamaschi R, Giuliani G, Boz C, Hupperts R, Van Pesch V, Lechner-Scott J, Cristiano E, Fiol M, Oreja-Guevara C, Saladino ML, Verheul F, Slee M, Paolicelli D, Tortorella C, Butzkueven H on behalf of the MSBase Study Group and the New Zealand MS Prevalence Study Group. Geographical variations in sex ratio trends over time in Multiple Sclerosis. PLoS One. 2012; 7(10): e48078.
  • Iaffaldano P, Viterbo RG, Paolicelli D, Lucchese G, Portaccio E, Goretti B, Direnzo V, D'Onghia M, Zoccolella S, Amato MP, Trojano M. Impact of natalizumab on cognitive performances and fatigue in relapsing multiple sclerosis: a prospective, open-label, two years observational study.  PLoS One. 2012; 7(4):e35843.
  • Iaffaldano P, Lucchese G, Trojano M. Treating multiple sclerosis with natalizumab. Expert Rev Neurother 2011; 11:1683-1692.