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David Howard, Treatment of word retrieval with adults and children

27.06.2016 | 18:00

Gastvortrag im Rahmen des Seminars "Sprachtheorie und Sprachtherapie".


Title: Treatment of word retrieval with adults and children

Presenter: David Howard, School of Education, Communication and Language Science, Newcastle University


In this talk I will describe the results of two randomised controlled trials aiming to improve word retrieval.

The SemaFORe study in Newcastle compared repetition in the presence of the picture (RIPP) with semantic feature analysis (SFA) for adult people with aphasia.

The WORD study with colleagues in London with children also contrasted semantic and phonological therapy.

While both resulted in substantial improvement in treated items, the pattern of the determinants of improvement was different for the people with aphasia and children.


Zeit & Ort

27.06.2016 | 18:00

Habelschwerdter Allee 45,
Raum JK 28/ 130