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DHC Lecture mit Andrew Hui

11.06.2024 | 18:15
Andrew Hui

Andrew Hui
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Vortrag von Andrew Hui (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin / Yale-NUS College, Singapur) im Rahmen der Dahlem Humanities Center Lectures des Dahlem Humanities Center

Confucius the Stoic: The Encounter between Western and Chinese Philosophy in the Global Renaissance

In 1593, Matteo Ricci wrote in a letter that Confucius, “in morals, is another Seneca.” This intriguing analogy is the Ansatzpunkt to my talk. How did the Jesuit introduce the ancient Western philosophy to the Chinese; and in turn how did he introduce Chinese philosophy to Europe? What are the grounds of commonality and differences in making this sort of cultural and conceptual comparison? I will explore how Ricci is able to negotiate these two complex cultural spheresby making both the ancient philosophies of the West and East the prolegomena of his central mission of evangelization. Thus in his discursive paradigm of Western and Chinese philosophy, Stoicism and Confucianism are propaedeutic, necessary preconditions for the Christian faith; the only thing missing in Stoic ethics is the salvation of Christ, just as the only thing missing in Confucian ethics is the Gospel.

Vortrag in englischer Sprache.

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen auf der Website des DHC.

Die Veranstaltung findet in Kooperation mit dem Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin und im Rahmen der International Week XXL 2024 statt.


Zeit & Ort

11.06.2024 | 18:15

Freie Universität Berlin
Großer Hörsaal -1.2009 (UG) | "Holzlaube"
Fabeckstraße 23-25
14195 Berlin