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EUME / Travelling Traditions

Refqa Abu-Remaileh

Refqa Abu-Remaileh

Basak Candar

Basak Candar

Clare Davis

Clare Davis

Joseph R. Farag, Dina A. Ramadan

Joseph R. Farag, Dina A. Ramadan

EUME / Travelling Traditions attempts to lift the literatures of the Near and Middle East out of the circumscribed disciplinary frameworks of both Area Studies and national philology, and insert them into a comparative critical framework that sees texts and traditions as dynamic, worldly products circulating across geographical, historical and cultural borders. As such, the project will examine questions of translation, canonicity and the formation of national traditions, as well as the varieties of textual practices shared by what are often reified as discrete and stable civilizational zones (West/East; European/Islamic).

The aim is to move away from teleological constructions of modernity that invariably position a unified 'Europe' at the center of a vaguely defined field of World Literature, and focus instead on the shifting social and historical pressures that shape the reading and writing of literary texts and traditions in a dialogic process of influence and exchange.

Directors: Friederike Pannewick (Centrum für Nah- und Mitteloststudien/Arabistik, Philipps-Universität Marburg), Samah Selim (Rutgers University, New Jersey)

The following fellows have been associated with Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School:


Burcu Alkan
Razan Ghazzawi
Kaoutar Ghilani


Burcu Alkan
Hala Auji
Zahiye Kundos
Fatemeh Shams


Diana Abbani
Rasha Chatta
Mona Kareem


Rasha Chatta
Yoav Di-Capua
Lamia Moghnieh
Yektan Türkyilmaz


Anne-Marie McManus
Amir Moosavi
Abdel Megeed
Khaled Saghie


Refqa Abu-Remaileh
Ela Gezen
May Hawas
Elizabeth M. Holt


Salem Al-Bahloly
Refqa Abu-Remaileh
Basak Candar
Clare Davis


Walid El-Houri
Yuval Evri
Joseph Farag
Dina Ramadan


Refqa Abu-Remaileh
Tarek El-Ariss
Zeina G. Halabi
Iman Mersal


Michael Allan
Adania Shibli


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