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„Translating In-justice”. Workshop mit Emily Apter (NYU)

Date: 25.04.2019,
Room: Pre-Workshop from 16:00–18:00 h in room JK 33/121 (Seminarraum der Schlegelschule), Lecture by Emily Apter from 18:00–20:00 h in room 2.2059 (Seminarraum in der Holzlaube)
Organization: Sima Reinisch, Pia Vogel, Wolfgang Hottner und Prof. Dr. Islam Dayeh
Register please with Sima Reinisch by 15 April 2019. (The number of participants is limited).

Prior to the workshop, all participants will read four articles by Emily Apter on untranslatability, translation and justice and discuss them in a preparatory meeting on the day of the workshop from 4-6 pm. The workshop will begin with a short presentation by Emily Apter, highlighting some of the salient themes of the assigned readings and a glimpse into her current work, followed by an open discussion. If you would like to participate in the workshop please send us a brief email stating your interest in Emily Apter’s work.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence 2020 "Temporal Communities" together with the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School, the lecture series on “Configurations of Race, Religion and Language in Modern Knowledge”, organized by Islam Dayeh and Schirin Amir-Moazami, and the Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature.

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