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"English in Asia's Languages Habitats - with a glance at Germany's and Europe's Asia competence needs"

09.05.2012 - 12.05.2012

The future of English has much to do with its status and use in Asia. The largest number of users of English comes from Asia and it seems to be growing. English is deeply embedded in Asia’s multilingual languages habitats and functions as a (first or second) official language, a foreign language or a lingua franca. English is an icon of social transformation processes in multilingual nations and regions.

As nation-building, globalization, and large regional bodies are making significant demands on modernizing traditional societies, communication and English gain a central role in mediating change. Particular demands are made of the institutions in education including professional formation.

The language and socio-political impact of these issues have become a key subject of inter- and multidisciplinary and applied research in Asia.

Zeit & Ort

09.05.2012 - 12.05.2012

Opening session: Senatssaal, Henry-Ford-Bau, Garystr. 35, 14195 Berlin; Conference: "Silberlaube", Seminarzentrum, Raum L 115 Habelschwerdter Allee 45, 14195 Berlin