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Events Theater and Dance Studies

State of the Arts. Anthropology, Theatre, and Migration

Location: Institute of Theatre Studies Freie Universität Berlin Hörsaal Grunewaldstr. 35 12165 Berlin

Dec 18, 2023 | 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM

Geschichte der Freien Universität

The founding of Freie Universität Berlin in the winter semester of 1948/49 will be celebrated for the 75th time in 2023. To mark this occasion, the interdisciplinary lecture series questions traditional self-images of Freie Universität and explores new perspectives on its history. Freie Universität's traditional self-image revolves around the concept of freedom in the context of the ideological conflicts of the Cold War; it is shaped by the student movement around 1968 and its role as a university of excellence. In contrast, a large number of decentralized research initiatives have critically examined the history of Freie Universität in recent years and focused on new approaches and topics. Following these impulses, the interdisciplinary lecture series brings together approaches to a university history that combines the history of science and culture, political history, media history, and architectural history. The lecture series is aimed at students and teachers at Berlin universities as well as an interested public.  The event will be held in German.

Oct 24, 2023