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Theater History
This module deals with theater historiography problems in the context of cultural, political, social, and gender history. Theater history is understood to be the study of theatrical structures, discourses, and phenomena in all areas of culture and society.

Theory and Aesthetics
This module deals with approaches and perspectives of aesthetic theory and cultural theory that are opened up by research in theater studies. Students are introduced to the theoretical discourses that are particularly relevant for current research practice in theater studies (e.g., theories of the performative, theories of the theatrical, theories of aesthetics, gender aspects, media theories, cultural theories).

Contemporary Theater/Performance Analysis
This module deals with different approaches to performance analysis. Students are introduced to positions on contemporary theater and performance analysis that are are particularly relevant to the current research practice in theater studies.

This module studies theatrical forms at the interface of different arts and media. The focus is on issues of media change, intermediality, intertextuality and hybridity, interart phenomena, and the comparative methodologies essential for studying these fields.

Current Research Perspectives
This module provides insight into current research fields practiced at the Institute, in which the Institute has set and continues to set research priorities (e.g., on theatricality, performance cultures, interweaving of theater cultures, interart phenomena, aesthetic experience, emotions research, gender discourses, etc.).

Research Practice
In this module, the students independently work on a topic of their choice, building on the knowledge they have acquired. The focus is on developing own formats of presenting and implementing research results.

General Information on Modules and Credit Points (CPs)