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How do I find supervisors for my bachelor’s thesis?

The bachelor’s thesis is supervised by two faculty members (professors, junior professors or Privatdozent*innen) at the Institute for Theater Studies who are authorized to conduct exams. You need to contact them yourself. Ideally, you already know these faculty members from courses you have taken; however, you can also contact other faculty members to serve as supervisors. We recommend you introduce yourself to the person concerned during office hours and send a short exposé outlining your planned topic in advance. While the primary supervisor needs to be from the Institute for Theater Studies, it is possible to have a visiting professor or professor at another institute or department who is authorized to conduct exams serve as assistant supervisor, if this makes thematic sense.

In exceptional cases, faculty members at the Institute who are not authorized to conduct exams can serve as supervisor, provided they have a Ph.D. This too needs to be discussed with the person concerned and that person needs to apply for examination authorization in advance.