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Wie funktioniert die mündliche Prüfung?

An oral exam lasts approx. 20 minutes and generally takes place as a conversation with the course instructor and another faculty member when courses are no longer in session. The terms, dates and contents of the exam need to be discussed in due time with the course instructor.

In the case of students studying under the 2022 Degree Program and Examination Regulations, the course instructors determine whether the “Current Tendencies in Contemporary Theater,” “Theater History: Forms, Structures, Practices,” “Theory and Aesthetics: Terms, Discouses, Contexts” modules can be completed with a term paper or an oral exam. Students studying under the 2011 Degree Program and Examination Regulations can choose the advanced module in which they want to take an oral exam instead osf writing a term paper. The type of exam needs to be discussed with the course instructors in due time at the beginning of the semester.