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What types of exam are there?

The Theater Studies modules are completed with a graded exam. An exception is the (ungraded) term paper or oral exam in the “Introduction to Theater Theory” module (2022 Degree Program and Examination Regulations). All grades will contribute to the final B.A. grade. Generally, the exam consists of a written term paper in the module-related seminar.

Students studying under the 2011 Degree Program and Examination Regulations in the advanced phase take an oral exam instead of writing a term paper; upon consultation with the course instructor, students studying Theater Studies as a major can choose to write three shorter papers rather than a term paper in one specialization module. Students studying under the 2022 Degree Program and Examination Regulations take an oral exam in the “Contemporary Theater” advanced module; in the “Current Tendencies in Contemporary Theater,” “Theater History: Forms, Structures, Practices,” “Theory and Aesthetics: Terms, Discouses, Contexts,” “Theater, Other Arts and Media” advanced module, they can choose between writing a term paper and taking an oral exam. The course instructors decide which exam can be taken.