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The B.A. in Theater Studies comprises three kinds of modules that offer different methodological and thematic concentrations depending on your study phase (introductory phase, advanced phase):

Contemporary Theater
The Contemporary Theater modules deal with manifestations and aesthetic trends in contemporary theater. Students become conversant with concepts, methods, and issues in performance analysis.

Theater History
The Theater History modules impart knowledge about historical manifestations of and developments in theater and theatrical phenomena. Students become conversant with different approches to historiographic work.

Theory and Aesthetics
The Theory and Aesthetics modules provide an understanding of theories and aesthetics of theater, as well as cultural studies and philosophical theories. Students learn how to read and analyze texts critically, to contexualize the various theories historically and apply them to theatrical phenomena.

Theater/Arts/Media (advanced phase)
During the advanced phase, the methological range expands to also include theatrical and performative phenomena that can be seen not only on the stage but also in various cultural areas, other arts, and media. Here, cultural history meets art studies meets media theory.

General Information on Modules and Credit Points (CPs)