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Program Winter Term 2019

KMM-Programmflyer WS 2019 (Download-Link s. unten)

KMM-Programmflyer WS 2019 (Download-Link s. unten)


I would like to position the new Master's program in Cultural and Media Management as an interdisciplinary academic course of study with an application focus on art, media and cultural practice. With its explicit focus on the exchange and collaboration with the local and international cultural landscape that already takes place during the course of study, this study model is suited to become a beacon of university knowledge transfer between art and culture, the creative industries, and society, and to assume a key position for the visibility as well as the radiance of Freie Universität in the Berlin art and cultural landscape and in urban society.

The special feature of the study model is its focus on cooperation with external partners from the arts, cultural, and creative industries that takes place directly during the course of study, for example in the form of joint events, performances, exhibitions, or publications - both analog and digital - that make the work of students and faculty visible and public. In the concrete study program, research questions and theoretical positions are linked by students and lecturers with innovative forms of practice via a direct transfer of knowledge. Students analyze and use the interdisciplinary potential of artistic, digital and economic strategies for their own project projects. My goal is to prepare graduates in a science-based and practice-oriented manner for various fields of work in art, culture and media as well as diverse activities in areas of the creative industries.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann

Overview Courses

Institut für Theaterwissenschaft (WE 7)
Seminar für Kultur- und Medienmanagement
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Visuelle Kultur und Performative Künste 1

Kulturökonomie und Management

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Kulturpolitik und Recht

Medien und Medienkompetenz