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The section "Neuere Fremdsprachliche Philologien" of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft e.V. (ERG) supports student initiatives and projects related to campus life. The section addresses all members, alumni, or friends of Freie Universität who are interested in modern foreign languages on a professional or student level, or out of inclination or curiosity. With the subjects of English and Romance Studies, the chapter covers a wide range of the newer foreign languages that can be studied at Freie Universität, but does not exclude American Studies, Latin American Studies, Slavic Studies, Northern Studies, or even Neo-Greek Studies (within the framework of Comparative Literature) and other newer foreign language philologies.

The section provides a framework for the promotion of contact events, celebrations, grants of various kinds, prizes, graduation events, excursions, and similar needs that arise in the course of a study of modern foreign language philologies and require quick, non-bureaucratic assistance. Initiatives can come from teachers as well as from students or from alumni and alumnae (within the framework of the ERG). The chapter is dedicated to networking, international linkage, maintaining contacts especially with partner countries and universities, as well as interest in foreign languages and cultivating multilingualism.

Kapitel „Neuere fremdsprachliche Philologien“
c/o Institut für Englische Philologie
Prof. Dr. Andreas Mahler
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
14195 Berlin


Section Board:
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Andreas Mahler
Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Huss
Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Lukas Lammers