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Save the Date: International Conference »Dynamics of Interweaving Performance Cultures« 21–24 June 2018

News from Mar 12, 2018

The Research Center is currently planning its closing conference, entitled “Dynamics of Interweaving Performance Cultures,” which will take place at the Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) in Berlin in June 2018. The conference’s main topics will be Generating Knowledge and Epistemologies of Performance Cultures. The panels will focus—among other things—on how processes of interweaving are related to dynamic knowledge shifts within performance cultures and how researchers acknowledge and even methodologically interweave culturally divergent knowledge systems and theories of knowledge in their studies.

More information about program details (schedule, speakers, etc.) at the IRC-Website

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  • closing conference
  • cultures
  • dynamics
  • Epistemologies
  • Generating Knowledge
  • interweaving
  • performance
  • research
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