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Presentation of Valeska Gert Visiting Professorship 2017/18

News from Feb 12, 2018

Being Together
Valeska Gert Visiting Professor
Lia Rodrigues

Presentation: Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018, 4 pm

Akademie der Künste, Blackbox
Pariser Platz 4
10117 Berlin

4 pm Presentation with Lia Rodrigues and dance studies students

8.15 pm Discussion with Lia Rodrigues, Gabriele Brandstetter and the dance studies students

“We will work from the idea of being together, using strategies of creation linked by a dramaturgical line that will be developed together with the students, articulating political, ethical and aesthetic aspects. What rituals, sacrifices, and agreements are necessary for the constitution of a collective? How can we consider the singularity in this collective? How can each participant find a place – although always provisional – and still retain her or his similarities and (gender) differences?” (Lia Rodrigues)

With: Lia Rodrigues, Gabriele Brandstetter, Jette Krabel, Laura Noëlle Käding, Lily Matras, Jil Neumann, Jennifer Ocampo Monsalve, Lia Rodrigues, Vanessa Schümmelfeder, Caroline Seifert, Annaëlle Toussaere, Ann-Kathrin Ullmann, Dominik Zippe, Anna-Marie Eva Ördögh

In cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In English. Free admission.

More information here.

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