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Towards Global Political Philosophy

© Birgit Rieger

© Birgit Rieger




Chen Xiaoxu (Wuhan) A Global “Norm”: The Paradox of the Public Norm in the Context of the Other and its Solution
Fang Bo (Beijing) Kant and Social Justice
Stefan Gosepath (Berlin) Why Do We Need a Global Philosophy?
Han Shuifa (Beijing) Principles of Justice in the Changing World Order
Wilfried Hinsch / Susanne Brandtstädter (Cologne) The Justice Motif in Rural China
Li Zhehan (Hangzhou) Does China Colonize Africa? From Factuality to Normativity and not Vice Versa
Christian Neuhäuser (Dortmund) Jiwei Ci and Thomas Scanlon on Inequality
Sun Xiangchen (Shanghai) Justice for Future Generations
Wang Ge (Beijing) Contemporary Chinese Art as Political Participation and its Failure
Xiang Shuchen (Berlin) Source of Chinese Cosmopolitanism: A Comparative Study in the Philosophy of Race
Ying Qi (Shanghai) The Architecture of the Collective Identity of Modern Society
Véronique Zanetti (Bielefeld)  Jus post bellum and Responsibility towards Refugees
Zhang Guoqing (Hangzhou) Human Solidarity and Community of Common Destiny
Günter Zöller (München) The Global and the Universal. Political Philosophy between Value and Validity