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Stuidentag: "The Scope and Limits of Corpus Linguistics - Empiricism in the Description and Analysis of English"

Vortragende/r  Titel
Ute Römer (Universität Hannover) Pedagogical applications of corpora: Some resources, their potential, and wish list
Norbert Schlüter (PH Weingarten) How reliable are the results? Comparing corpus-based studies of the present perfect
Stefan Evert (Universitätversität Osnabrück) How random is corpus? --The Libary Metaphor
Stefan Gries (MPI Leipzig)/Volker Gast (Freie Universität Berlin) Some proposals towards more rigorous corpus linguistics
Ilka Mindt (Universität Würzburg) Does quantitative data reveal grammatical structures? The case of so-called subject extraposition
Anna Siewierska/Willem Hollmann (Universität Lancaster) Corpora and (the need for) other methods in a study of Lancashire dialect
Anke Lüdeling (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) Using corpora in the calculation of language relationships