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Die FSGS hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Oxford Centre for Life-Writing (University of Oxford) erfolgreich Förderung für die Umsetzung des Projekts “Autofiction in Global Perspective” eingeworben

News vom 22.11.2019

Autofiction in Global Perspective

Prof. Dr. Jutta Müller-Tamm (FU Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Elleke Boehmer (University of Oxford)
Marie Lindskov Hansen (HU Berlin / FU Berlin)
Dr. Alexandra Effe (University of Oslo / University of Oxford)

The term autofiction refers to literary texts at the boundary of fiction and autobiography, many of which challenge traditional and western conceptions of self, identity, and life. Especially within the last 30-40 years autofictional literature has been positively booming – not only in bookstores but also as a widely discussed topic of research. Since the emergence of the termin France in the 1970s much of the discussion has to this point focused on Western literature and leaned on theoretical discourses formed by European tradition. With our project “Autofiction in Global Perspective” we seek to widen the discussion on autofiction by including global scholarship and practices. By expanding the conversation our goal is to investigate the ways in which literature from outside the western context can inform and reshape our current understanding of autofiction. Through the OX/BER Research Partnership Seed Grant we are able to bring together a range of scholars with knowledge of different languages and literary traditions, which enables us to engage in discussions about translatability of texts and concepts.

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