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Info-Session PhD/Doctorate @ Freie Universität Berlin

31.08.2023 | 16:45 - 18:45

Germany is renowned for the excellent quality of education it provides. Freie Universität Berlin, being one of only 11 German universities of excellence, offers a very broad spectrum of educational programs – from the natural & life sciences to social sciences and humanities.

Besides giving your ideas a research-based boost, Germany – and especially Berlin – also offers promising career opportunities along with a vibrant social and cultural milieu. Like for many other international students, it can be the right place to pursue a doctoral degree for you too!
Join this web session and get to know all that you need to know about doing a Doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin and funding schemes from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)!

Freie Universität Berlin’s experts from the Dahlem Research School will give an overview of the German scientific landscape, possible tracks and available internal and DAAD funding options for doing a Doctorate in Germany. You can also get answers to your questions.

Further information and registration here.

Zeit & Ort

31.08.2023 | 16:45 - 18:45


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